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Happy Halloween

The Three Little Pigs. As retold by Lydia to Heidi (who didn't want to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf).
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. They left home to build their own houses. One pig built her house with straw. One pig built her house with sticks. One pig built her house with bricks.

One day, the big bad wolf came knocking on the door of the straw house. "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"

The pig said, "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"
The wolf said, "Then, I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in!"
The pig interrupted, "Wait, are you going to be nice?"
The wolf said, "Yes."
"Then you can come in," the pig said. "Do you want to go to my sister's brick house?
"Sure," said the wolf.
So they went to the brick house, and do you know what they did there? They made cupcakes. The end.

And in real life, they also went trick or treating.

With their cousins: Spi…

Lydia's flamingo princess birthday party

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Lydia! Her birthday is still a few weeks away, but we had the party while her cousins were in town (and while it was still warm enough to be outside for a party!).

Lydia requested a "flamingo princess party." Nonna discovered a collection of flamingos in her classroom that she recently brought back to her house for the girls when they visit. So, first, we borrowed the flamingos and dressed them in some princess attire to add to the decorations. We headed over to our favorite playground, Branchwood Park (with our (free) party permit in hand), to decorate the pavilion.

The birthday girl opted for a pink tulle skirt with her flamingo dress.

Then we waited on the swings for the guests to arrive.

Our guests arrived, and birthday hats were distributed.

Keiper and Heidi gave some rides on the merry-go-round.

Multiple children piled into the tunnel slide.

There was more swinging.

The guests grew hungry with all their running, so we took a break …

A Skippack Fall Fest

On Saturday, we went to a little event which included a tractor show, face painting, a hayride, and a "pumpkin patch." It was all free, and since most local farms charge upwards of $7/person for a hayride or cornmaze, we were quite excited. (Well, I was excited about the "free" potential.) It did not disappoint. First, we admired the tractors.

Heidi and Anna opted for hand painting instead of face painting.

(Jesse didn't get painted.)

We went on a hayride, the first ride of the day with just a couple other folks.

 Then we picked out our pumpkins.

We had packed a lunch and sat down at a picnic table to enjoy the beautiful fall day at this little fall fest.

(Jesse may or may not have gotten a bit of a rash on his cheek from lying in the grass. Whoops.)

Fall is truly beautiful.

Jesse meets Great-Great-Grammy

guest blogger: Jesse
- - -
On Friday, we made a very belated visit to Great-Great-Grammy as I hadn't met her yet.

We attempted a group photo.

Anna checked out the pictures with Nana. (Anna really enjoyed playing with that dryer ball.)

These are all photos of Great-Great-Grammy's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. (I think Nana told me there are eighty-one of them (including spouses).)

My sisters played with Great-Great-Grammy's stash of toys.

Lydia spent a lot of time lining up these tippy horses.

But she eventually got them all to stay on their feet.

Mama says we really need to visit more often, especially now that we live closer!