Naming one's offspring is no simple task, but perhaps Aaron and I should have skipped all of our long brainstorming sessions and google searches and turned instead to our family trees. Because, apparently, the names of our children are already on those family trees.

After Lydia was born, Aaron's mom showed us a picture of her grandmother, Lydia Rosenberger.

We intentionally chose Heidi's middle name, Eva, after her Great-Great-Grammy, Eva Moyer.

(And here is baby Eva.)

After Anna was born, my Pop-Pop sent me an email with a picture of his grandmother, Anna Nash. (She's the lady in the bathing suit. (Yes, those are bathing suits.) The child is my Pop-Pop's mother.)

After Jesse was born, my Pop-Pop told me Jesse was the middle name of his grandfather, Moses Jesse Coyle. (I don't have a picture of him. (Aunt Rhoda, do you have one?))

How hilarious and ridiculous is it that we chose the first names for Lydia, Anna, and Jesse after one of their great-great-(great-)grandparents without even realizing it until after each baby had been born and named!

Funnier still, when Aaron was born and named, his Great-Grammy (the above mentioned Eva) reported that she loved his name. After all, her grandfather's name was Aaron Lewis.

So, evidently, we're just keeping the tradition alive - the ability to unknowingly choose a child's name already possessed by a grandparent on the family tree.