baby girls

Back in April, I mentioned there'd be five more babies on my mom's side of the family by the end of October. I don't know if I ever mentioned there'd also be four more babies from my dad's side of the family - including the two baby overlap to both sides (our baby and my brother's baby). In July, Jesse started the baby bonanza. But since him, it's been all girls, with the first two weeks in September being especially busy:

July 20: Zaelynn (to my cousin, Nicole (mom's side))
September 1: Geneva (to my cousin, Jared (dad's side))
September 2: Evrin (to my cousin, Brittany (dad's side))
September 8: Joelle (to my cousin, Drew (mom's side))
September 13: Selah (to my brother, Ryan)
There's one more girl due to my cousin, Adam (mom's side), by the end of October.

My newest niece, Selah, lives in Rochester, New York. So while we haven't snuggled her in person yet, we met her via FaceTime. She's much cuter not blurry, and I'm sure she's just perfect in real life.

Welcome, Selah! We are excited to meet you in person whenever you make the trek down in October!!!