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piano tuning

Remember when we moved here that the owners left the piano for us? The very very (very very) out of tune piano? As a housewarming gift to us, the piano has been tuned! So today we went from this horrible noise

to this beautiful sound (nevermind my sloppy technique).

Lydia's beyond excited, constantly reporting to me, "Now I can start piano lessons!"

photos by Heidi

Once again, the curious photographers asked to use the cameras. Here's a behind the scenes shot.

Here are some of Heidi's.

(Perhaps she is putting together a gallery of feet.)


guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

I love to hang out with my dad.

He's hilarious.

Plus, we boys have to stick together. There are a lot of girls around here.


I am buried in grapes and tomatoes at the moment. It's a good kind of buried.

So while I make a huge mess in the kitchen canning, here are some cute kids reading in the corner.


While at the beach, we also enjoyed some downtime at the house in the mornings and evenings.

swinging down the shore

While at the shore, we returned to the playground with the swings located just before the boardwalk. (We've visited it on our previousbeachvisits.)

(Yes, Lydia and Heidi swing on "big kid" swings, but they wanted to swing with Anna (and hold their "kids").)

I think I need a row of swings like this at our house (or at least a capable tree from which to hang a swing); these girls just love to swing!


guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

We headed to the boardwalk for ice cream one night.

Uncle Ryan was leery of Hassles Ice Cream Parlor; he kept saying something about being hassled.

But it was really good.

This is the kiddie sized cone, I promise!

Anna is a crazy ice cream cone eater.

She usually ends up really messy.

But messy or not, I do love ice cream cones!

another zoo visit

We had one cloudy/rainy day at the beach. So while Nonna and Rachel went to the beach before the rain came, we took Big Guy with us to the Cape May County Zoo.

Anna was excited about each animal, but the goats really got her squealing.

Lydia was excited about the flamingos

and the baby giraffe.

We almost lost Heidi over the railing. (Not really, but she is currently my most wiggly child. =)

Anna's pigtails kill me.

Heidi requested a photo by the zebra, so we all joined her.

We got back to the car just as the drizzle started. Perfect timing for a fun morning at the zoo.

chasing seagulls

Anna did not like the feel of sand between her toes. I thought we were in for a long week of baby carrying at the beach, but my mom suggested leaving her crocs on. And, viola, Anna was off and running.

She particularly enjoyed chasing the seagulls.

Every now and then Heidi and Lydia joined her on her pursuits.

When Anna wasn't chasing seagulls, she could most often be found checking on Jesse sleeping in the stroller.

Oh, Anna, you are all sorts of fun at the beach!