Saturday . . . in the park

On Saturday, we got ready to have a picnic at the park. And then it started raining. So we put on our rain jackets and went anyway. (And, fortunately, the rain stopped soon after we arrived.)

We headed over to the tennis courts to ride around on the balance bike and scooter.

There is this little hill that is just steep enough where the girls need to walk their scooter and bicycle.

But on the way down - a balance bike does not have pedals or brakes - Lydia took a trip over the handle bars. Ouch.

She handled it like a champ and was back on the bike after a few swings on the playground (and, of course, with the healing power of band-aids).

Then we had a picnic lunch with Aaron's parents where Anna kept a watchful eye on Jesse.

Despite the rainy start and the bicycle tumble, it was a great day at the park.