. . . Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Today (July 28th) is our eighth anniversary!

I browsed the photos, and here's what I found for family photos (or just the two of us (rare)) over the past year.

Keuka Lake (July 2013)

Cow Appreciation Day (July 2013)

Harford Fair (August 2013)

Chad & Ashley wedding (October 2013)

Leah's birthday (November 2013)

Christmas tree shopping (December 2013)

Anna's baptism (December 2013)

Family Christmas (December 2013)

Christmas Day (December 2013)

Moving from Philadelphia (April 2014)

Anna's first birthday (April 2014)

Heidi's third birthday (May 2014)

Derek & Bethany wedding (May 2014)

Jesse! (July 2014)

Cow Appreciation Day (July 2014)

Since I frequently "sing" songs on these anniversary posts (how funny that I sang "Where The Green Grass Grows" last year only to now have moved out of the city), this year, I share with you the lyrics to Andrew Peterson's "Don't Give Up On Me," especially this blog post from 2008 (where you can hear the song also). But four of the verses as a sample:

- - -

You know I love you, but I'm just a man
Don't always love you the best I can, my love
Just don't give up on me.

I've got all these letters I never did write
All this affection I kept inside my heart
Don't give up on me.

. . .

I walked beside you in the canyon flames
Deep as an ocean and hot as a thousand suns
We barely survived.

Now I wake up in a golden dream
Angel voices in the room where children run
All covered in light.

- - -

Happy Anniversary, Aaron. I love you. =)