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Saturday . . . in the park

On Saturday, we got ready to have a picnic at the park. And then it started raining. So we put on our rain jackets and went anyway. (And, fortunately, the rain stopped soon after we arrived.)

We headed over to the tennis courts to ride around on the balance bike and scooter.

There is this little hill that is just steep enough where the girls need to walk their scooter and bicycle.

But on the way down - a balance bike does not have pedals or brakes - Lydia took a trip over the handle bars. Ouch.

She handled it like a champ and was back on the bike after a few swings on the playground (and, of course, with the healing power of band-aids).

Then we had a picnic lunch with Aaron's parents where Anna kept a watchful eye on Jesse.

Despite the rainy start and the bicycle tumble, it was a great day at the park.

Harley Davidson

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

My Pop-Pop loves motorcycles. He loves to give us Harley Davidson attire. But Mama's friend gave us some clothes for Jesse, and this onesie fits me! And even though it's not from Pop-Pop, I thought Pop-Pop would like it.

What do you think, Pop-Pop?


Jesse is growing too fast. Look at him all serious holding his head up.

Heidi was giving him some pointers.

He's getting bigger. I packed away my favorite diapers, the littlest ones. Sniffle.

But I guess it's a decent exchange as he gains more chunk. I do love baby cheeks.


. . . Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Today (July 28th) is our eighth anniversary!

I browsed the photos, and here's what I found for family photos (or just the two of us (rare)) over the past year.

Keuka Lake (July 2013)

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Family Christmas (December 2013)

Christmas Day (December 2013)

Moving from Philadelphia (April 2014)

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Heidi's third birthday (May 2014)

Derek & Bethany wedding (May 2014)

Jesse! (July 2014)

Cow Appreciation Day (July 2014)

Since I frequently "sing" songs on these anniversary posts (how funny that I sang "Where The Green Grass Grows" last year only to now have moved out of the city), this year, I share with you the lyrics to Andrew Peterson's "Don't Give Up On Me," especially…

the cradle

Jesse is enjoying his spot in the family heirloom cradle.

As I shared when Anna was occupying it, this cradle has housed each of our kids for their first three months.




Lydia (our only under nine pounds at birth baby - she's so little!).

(And, yes, that is the same Miracle Blanket. Though the mint trim is a little less minty these days.)

a "great" meeting

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

At my cousins' birthday party, I finally met my Great-Pop-Pop

and Great-Mom-Mom.

I am their seventh great-grandchild but only the second boy.

green eyes

This girl is growing into an awesome little lady.

(But when did Lydia's eyes turn so green?) =)

kisses for Jesse

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

I love my brother, Jesse.

I give him kisses all day long.

Isn't he so cute?

camping in the backyard!

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

On Friday night, Daddy had a surprise for us - camping in the backyard!

Mama, Anna, and Jesse slept inside, but before Anna went to bed, we read our bedtime story in the tent.

Mama joined us for s'mores! (Thanks, Big Guy and Nonna for letting us borrow your fire pit.) And Daddy made a perfect fire for roasting marshmallows!


Then we told our neighbor, Larry, all about our surprise!

As the sun went down, the fireflies came out, so we finally got to use this jar Nana gave us to catch fireflies.

We had so much fun camping!

Thanks, Daddy, for taking us camping in the backyard! When can we do it again?