a reunion of sorts

On Friday, I met up with my high school friend, Wendy, while she was in town for a family bridal shower. Here we are on the field hockey bus in eleventh grade, I think (circa 1999).

She also has three little ones under five, and each of her kids is just about six or so months behind mine. When she announced she was pregnant with her third, I said to Aaron, "she just keeps popping them out." And Aaron just stared at me. And then I realized what I'd said. Clearly, I have no room to talk.

Anyway, we've been receiving their Christmas cards, so my girls know Wendy's kids by their Christmas card photos and Natalie's signature in the Christmas card - which very much impressed them. But this was the first time our kids actually met. I managed to snap a few photos between the wagon rides to the visit the neighbor's goats and chickens and then back to check on Wendy's parent's horses and cows and strawberry garden.

Austin, as the only male, was quite the gentleman, helping to push the gaggle of girls.

My girls claim excitement to see the animals but then back up fifteen feet as soon as we get to them. Whereas Wendy's kids are climbing the fences and leaning in. (I think my kids are still working out their city living experience in these wide open green spaces.) But Anna loved Kaia, Wendy's brother's dog.

The swing was a huge hit for Lydia and Heidi. Natalie and Austin were gracious hosts to amuse my girls' swing obsession for so long.

Alayna and Anna are only three months apart, and Anna really wanted to swing, too.

Maybe one day our girls will be on a field hockey bus together (or building cars for physics class and sleeping over on school nights or carpooling to Maryland for lacrosse camp or romping around outside all summer).