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June or July?

Think this baby will sneak in a June birthday, or are we looking at July? My due date was June 27th, but I've had July 1st in my head all along, so I don't feel antsy . . . yet. =) Ask me tomorrow (July 1st), and we'll see how I'm feeling.

This is also how I'm coping, so that's always helpful. =) Hooray for pools where I can (a) lie (lay?) on my back and (b) feel many pounds lighter (which gives my pelvis a break).

a post op picnic

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

On Tuesday, Big Guy had surgery. Mama went to the hospital to be with Nonna (while we went to Pop-Pop's and Nana's). But we sent some "get well soon" pictures for Big Guy's hospital room.

He came home Wednesday, so we brought dinner (and his favorite fruit - cherries) and hung out with him on the couch.

We had a picnic dinner in the living room so he could keep his comfy spot.

Hope you're feeling better, Big Guy! We are excited for when you can swim with us again!

until it happens: baby pool

Will this baby be a boy or girl? Make a guess if you wish! (

Prizes: homemade cookies of my favorite cookie recipe (Ambitious Kitchen's browned butter nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies + sea salt) mailed to your door . . . eventually. Who knows when I will get to a post office. =)

a garden update

Heidi and I were walking around the yard on Sunday night and discovered that some of our bean plants were leafless. The deer ate our beans!

We are so mad at those deer.

Big Guy and some fishies

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

We swim almost every day (so long as the weather cooperates).

Big Guy likes to swim with us whenever he's around, too.

Anna just loves to chase the balls around the pool.

I think the Hello Kitty one may be her favorite.

I'm working on my bubble blowing so I can swim to the bottom of the pool for the golf balls Anna drops.

I think we are all turning into fish!

Green Lane Park

On Saturday, we loaded the trunk with our bikes and scooters and drove up the road to Green Lane Park.

We found playgrounds.

We watched fishermen.

We had a picnic lunch and climbed rocks.

It was a beautiful day to be outside!

a wedding day

This guy - my cousin, Barry - gets married today!

And sadly, I cannot be there since pregnant bellies don't travel so well at this stage of the game. (Booooo.)

Congratulations, Barry and Kristina! And thank you to the rest of my cousins and siblings and family who are keeping me entertained and included with photos galore.

Hello Kitty ball and ice cream

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

On Sunday, we hung out poolside at Big Guy's and Nonna's. Before dinner, we played catch with Big Guy with this Hello Kitty ball from the Target dollar bin.

After dinner, we had ice cream - Turkey Hill's Double Dunker, one of Lydia's favorite flavors. Apparently Anna really likes that flavor, too.

around the yard at Pop-Pop's and Nana's

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

There are so many wheeled toy options at Pop-Pop's and Nana's.

This shopping cart works well for now.

Okay, Dad, let's go this way.

I can't swing on this yet, but Lydia really loves it.

While Lydia swung, Heidi tended to the chickens.

I think she is telling me something important here, but I forget what she said.

When I learn how to walk without those wheeled toys, there will be so much more to explore with my sisters!

strawberry picking

Tim and Nicole came out for their monthly visit last weekend, and we took them to our little local spot for some strawberry picking Saturday morning.

Lydia picked the entire time.

Nicole and Lydia are strawberry picking machines.

(Nicole picked four quarts of strawberries; Nicole, did you make that roasted strawberry basil frozen yogurt yet?)

Heidi preferred the juiciest berries.

(Note the red-stained fingers.)

Even Anna grabbed a few.

Then she hung out with me.

We love when Tim and Nicole come to visit.

Only three more months till their wedding!

baby look-a-likes

Of all our babies thus far, Anna looks the most like her daddy.