the wedding celebration of Derek and Bethany

The wedding of my youngest brother, Derek, and his bride, Bethany, was held on this beautiful property in Pheonixville, Pennsylvania. The reception was held in this barn.

The ceremony was held at the bottom of the field beneath that tree (and the barn is to my right as I take this photo).

Before the ceremony, we signed the guestbook frame.

I attempted to take photos during the ceremony with this little lady at my feet, so the shots are few and far between.

My brother, Ryan, seating my parents.

Here comes the groom and his men from the barn.

The girls started on these steps and came down the isle.

There's Rachel, my sister and bridesmaid.

Something was funny.

Here comes the bride!

The waiting groom.

Front row seats (and grandparent laps, too).

You may kiss the bride (and high five the best man).

Lydia and Heidi joined their daddy and aunt for the recessional.

When the officiant asked for the rings, the best man presented him with two ring pops - which Heidi and Lydia later received. (And then Lydia didn't eat all of hers, so Heidi snagged two.)

Anna loved Aaron's boutonniere.

Uncle Derek and Aunt Bethany with three of their nieces.

Here we are!

My three favorite girls.

Aunt Rachel!

With Big Guy and Nonna!

Then, Aaron's parents picked up the girls while Aaron and I went on to the reception in the barn.

First dance.

Mother and son dance.

Best man speech.

Fat Camp cousins at another wedding.

Me and my groom.

Dance party in the barn.

Lights at night.

So long, farewell!

Enjoy your moon of honey (to quote the groom)!

 It was a beautiful day to celebrate two beautiful people - both inside and out. We love you!