such a fun day!

guest bloggers: Lydia, Heidi, & Anna

- - -

Yesterday my cousins came to town. We had a delicious second breakfast of pancakes. (Aunt Rachel came after her night shift to eat second breakfast with us!)

Then, we all went outside with our scooters.

Our great-grandparents are back from Florida, so they came to visit!

They brought pizza for lunch.

We took a photo together (with so many smiling faces!). (This photo is missing one other great-grandchild, but by Christmas, there will be four more great-grandbabies! WOW!)

 Keiper and Kaia spun Great-Pop-Pop around.

Great-Mom-Mom read us some books.

After naps, it was snack time!

It got very warm, so we played with buckets of water.

Uncle Derek came and drew fish eating fish eating fish eating fish.

Uncle Aaron read us a bedtime story.

And we are ready to play again today (and all weekend!!!).