Heidi's birthday car party

Yesterday, we had a car-themed birthday party for our favorite three-year-old! "It's my birthday!" says the birthday girl in her birthday shirt.

It was dreary and humid, but the rain held off for our party to stay outside. So we set to work putting up the balloons.

Soon it was party time!

(This tricycle is from Heidi's Great-Pop-Pop's attic. Aaron used to ride it when he was a little boy.)

Miles hanging out at the picnic table.

I prepped boxes with stenciled names and checkered duct tape. Then the party guests glued on their tires, head lights, and tail lights before coloring their colors with markers and crayons. (Lydia drew a steering wheel, horn, and gasoline cap on her car.)

Then these three girls put on their cars and headed for the race track.

And they're off!

They didn't stop running for awhile.

We had a bean bag toss.

The matchbox car ramp didn't work so well (the hole on this noodle was too narrow for cars, and my chiseling to make it wider wasn't so well done), but the littles didn't seem to mind one bit.

Anna took to the race track, too, just without the car box.

Of course there was food! Hot dogs on the grill (not pictured).

Veggies and hummus.

Fruit cars: apple slices skewered with grape wheels. (Lydia and Heidi assembled the grapes onto the apples, and called them "ouch-ies" between fits of giggles since they kept poking their fingers on the toothpicks.)

We sang happy birthday.

Heidi blew out all three candles in one breath.

Teddy Graham car brownies (inspired from these).

Traffic light brownies and spare tires (donuts).

Time for presents!

We had so much fun celebrating our three-year-old with her car-themed party. Happy Birthday, Heidi!!!