a third birthday

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

I had a full day on my birthday. Besides my birthday party, I started the day with this beautiful box (and a hula hoop!) waiting for me when I woke up!

I got a hairbrush!

This is a sprinkler (which we still have yet to try out).

Blue nail polish!

On Lydia's birthday, her friend gave her glitter pens that smell like various fruits. We've colored with them so much that most of them ran out of ink and have been thrown away. So Lydia gave me a new package of these same glitter pens! We have all of the colors again!

After my party and after my nap, I FaceTimed with Aunt Rachel. And then Big Guy and Nonna stopped by.

I have my own travel bag now (which I have already used when I stayed at Pop-Pop's and Nana's last weekend)!

Big Guy and Nonna went home, and then we FaceTimed with Pop-Pop and Nana and then Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lauren, Keiper, and Kaia.

Uncle Derek stopped by, too. Then it was time for birthday dinner - sausage gravy and biscuits and edamame with a birthday candle in my biscuit.

Then, we looked out the window at dinner and saw this - a rainbow!

Just before bed, Lydia reminded Mama to measure me. (Mama had to hold my head still; I'm very wiggly.)

And I showed Daddy my newly painted blue nails.

It was such a fun birthday! And now I'm 3!