new house tour

While I trip over boxes here in Philadelphia, I thought it'd be enjoyable to check out an empty, uncluttered space (with lots of closets!!!!) - a house we will soon call home.

Here's the house from the mailbox at the end of the driveway. (Wait, what's a mailbox? Doesn't mail come through the mail slot in my door? And what's a driveway? A garage? So many things to teach my girls. I kid. I kid. Their grandparents have all those things, so it's not completely foreign.) =) Anyway, the house.

As you can see, it's a ranch. We're basically tipping over our three-story city rowhome and spilling out into living space - from three stories to one.

I guess we will start the tour at the front door. Here is Anna welcoming us onto the red/orange/rust carpet. They left the piano and table and chairs for us (at our request). (Look - real chairs at a table! Not from IKEA!)

The piano is horribly out of tune, but who cares. I have a piano again for the first time since we've been married! (Can anyone who is reading this tune a piano? Do I know how to still play a piano?)

That giant cabinet is leaving to the thrift store. (Unless someone wants it - it's all yours; you have until next Thursday to come get it.)

To the left behind Anna is a long hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. (Oh, and there's Anna again.)

And here's a view from the dining room looking back to the front door. There is a coat closet behind the front door. And that skinny door before the hallway is the pantry.

So back down the hallway we go to the first room on the left: the office.

Hello, wall of shelves.

And the first spot on the right is the bathroom, just after a linen closet.

Hello, blue bathroom.

The next room on the right is the master bedroom.

Now I realize some of you with walk-in rooms for closets may not be impressed with these closets, but compared to one-hundred-year-old city rowhome closets, these closets are massive. I love them.

Standing in front of the closets looking to the master bathroom.

I forgot to show you the heated floor tiles, but they're there. (If you've not been using the toilet every night between the hours of one and four in the morning as I have for most nights over the past five years (between pregnancy bladder and breastfeeding overnight), you don't totally appreciate how ridiculously excited I am about this. =)

Across from the master bedroom is this bedroom, which will be the guest bedroom - ahem - Nez's room.

It will also house my sewing machine and craft "stuff" (along with the ironing pile which I can hide in the closet).

At the end of the hallway are two rooms. The one on the left will be Lydia's and Heidi's.

It still has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, so they fondly refer to it as the "star room."

The room on the right will be Anna's until Baby Baby moves in with her sometime early fall. (Anna didn't share a room well with Lydia and Heidi here in Philadelphia. As in, she screamed a lot and very loudly so that no one was getting enough sleep. She's been sleeping alone on the third floor in Philly (the penthouse suite as my brother calls it), so she gets to keep her own space for a few more months.)

So now if we go back to the front door and go towards the doorway on the right . . .

. . . we enter the kitchen.

Hello, electric stove. How do I cook on you? Where is your fire? (I already miss my gas stove just thinking about it.)

Off of the kitchen is this family room with a wood fireplace.

This room is very long, and we have no idea how we are going to set up the furniture yet. It could be interesting. =)

That door on the right . . .

. . . leads to the garage and the basement. (I forgot to take a picture of the garage.)

Here are the basement stairs (and Heidi).

Here is the basement.

This is where the magic happens - or just the laundry. (But laundry is magical. Dirty clothes become clean with a machine, soap, and some electricity.)

This is where my Christmas bins and baby gear bins will go.

If we go back outside to the mailbox, in front of that white fence is a garden and a clothesline to the right of it. The garden this year will attempt to consist of tomatoes and peppers, maybe carrots. Since I'll be pregnant and then nursing a newborn, I'm setting low expectations for a "garden" this year. Maybe next year I'll amp up our game. =) Also, we have a basketball hoop . . . but do we have a basketball . . . ?

Hello, crocuses!

So there it is, our new home. We are booked Memorial Day weekend for wedding folk, but otherwise, come visit! Our change of address email should be coming soon so you know where to find us.