loving the ordinary

April showers bring May flowers - and apparently diseases affecting the GI tract. We have all been out for the count again for the second time in 2014. Once again, the washing machine has been ridiculously busy. And once again, I am reminded to love the ordinary. I am grateful for otherwise healthy girls. I'd clean up their messes at home any day as opposed to sitting at the hospital bedside of my child. My heart breaks for those who have done this, are doing this, or preparing to do this.

Anna even managed to get sick on the car ride home from my cousin's baby shower on Saturday - christening her new car seat, I suppose. (Fortunately my mom and I were in the backseat with her to catch the mess(es).) But after her first wardrobe change, she fell asleep. And I couldn't help but wipe tears from my eyes looking at this beautiful gift. What a humble, scary, awesome privilege to carry and raise this girl (and her sisters and this baby in my belly) as my daughter.

I'm so thankful for their health and safety so far and want to remember not to take these ordinary "givens" for granted. I love these sweet girls.