Anna's first birthday party

We celebrated Anna's birthday with our families on Saturday. Being that Sunday was Easter and also Anna's first birthday, I went with a spring/garden theme for Anna's party. (Before you think anything, I did all this party prep in February and March (as I mentioned previously) since I spent last week unpacking/organizing enough to host a party.) =) I found a pattern on a party bag at Target and used it to direct the colors. Five Below had these balloons which matched perfectly: bubble gum pink, teal, and lime green.

Lydia and Heidi helped me string some Easter eggs on string to make some egg garland (which we can reuse at Easter every year if we wish).

It's a bunny plate.

The birthday banner found a new home in our new house. (Please ignore the too small wall hanging. The walls are still bare. I put that up on an existing nail to get an idea for size of what to put there and then forgot about it.)

Of course, the birthday wreath went up, too.

Anna has her birthday shirt.

Anna's monthly photos beneath a paint chip egg garland.

The photo holders were a happy accident. These eggs wouldn't string on our garland, but they worked perfectly for holding up the photos!

The guests arrived, and we took the party outside to enjoy the beautiful weather - opening gifts on the driveway.

There was plenty of help opening the gifts.

Keiper mowed the side yard for us.

Anna now has plenty of toys to push and ride (scooter, stroller, lawn mower, wheelbarrow, four wheeler . . . ).

Our two favorite engaged couples came to celebrate with us.

For dinner we had my favorite chopped Thai chicken salad, fruit salad, and deviled eggs.

For dessert, we had cake balls (cake and frosting mixed together then dipped in melted bittersweet chocolate and sprinkles - I love these things) . . .

. . . and dirt dessert. Poor Anna had the sniffles and was a little bit fragile by dinner, but she very much enjoyed her cake ball.

There was a craft for the kids.

We attempted a family picture, but Anna didn't want to look at the camera.

Happy Birthday, Anna! I can't believe you are one already . . . this feels like it was just yesterday. We love you so much!