a busy Wednesday

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

On Wednesday, Mama had a midwife appointment. So we started the day in the minivan en route to our empty house in Philadelphia to drop off some things Mama had accidentally packed (appliance manuals, garbage disposal covers, etc.). Anna climbed the stairs at least twelve times. (I guess she is going through row home (stairs) withdrawal in our ranch home.) Between that stop and the appointment, we visited Seger playground because - as I told Mama - we had to climb the ropes to get out our wiggles from being in the car.

From the playground, we went to the appointment. The windows in the waiting room at the midwife office are huge. We love to sit in them and play "I spy." (Or, if you're Anna, you constantly bump your head against the glass as you look out the window.)

On the way home, we stopped at a Trader Joe's in Wayne. (We learned that the Trader Joe's in Wayne does not have the little carts like the one in Montgomeryville.) But the Trader Joe's in Wayne is only minutes from Big Guy's work. So we popped in to surprise him for lunch where we got to eat on the "spinny chairs" in a conference room.

We got home in time for some late naps after such a busy - and fun - morning!