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loving the ordinary

April showers bring May flowers - and apparently diseases affecting the GI tract. We have all been out for the count again for the second time in 2014. Once again, the washing machine has been ridiculously busy. And once again, I am reminded to love the ordinary. I am grateful for otherwise healthy girls. I'd clean up their messes at home any day as opposed to sitting at the hospital bedside of my child. My heart breaks for those who have done this, are doing this, or preparing to do this.

Anna even managed to get sick on the car ride home from my cousin's baby shower on Saturday - christening her new car seat, I suppose. (Fortunately my mom and I were in the backseat with her to catch the mess(es).) But after her first wardrobe change, she fell asleep. And I couldn't help but wipe tears from my eyes looking at this beautiful gift. What a humble, scary, awesome privilege to carry and raise this girl (and her sisters and this baby in my belly) as my daughter.

I'm so tha…

rookie scooterer

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

I got a scooter for my birthday. It's just like my sisters' except mine has this sweet seat and round handle for me to still be able to use it even though I can't walk yet!

It also tastes delicious, but Mama doesn't let me chew on it.

I'm getting pretty fast on it. I can almost keep up with Heidi. Almost.

a busy Wednesday

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

On Wednesday, Mama had a midwife appointment. So we started the day in the minivan en route to our empty house in Philadelphia to drop off some things Mama had accidentally packed (appliance manuals, garbage disposal covers, etc.). Anna climbed the stairs at least twelve times. (I guess she is going through row home (stairs) withdrawal in our ranch home.) Between that stop and the appointment, we visited Seger playground because - as I told Mama - we had to climb the ropes to get out our wiggles from being in the car.

From the playground, we went to the appointment. The windows in the waiting room at the midwife office are huge. We love to sit in them and play "I spy." (Or, if you're Anna, you constantly bump your head against the glass as you look out the window.)

On the way home, we stopped at a Trader Joe's in Wayne. (We learned that the Trader Joe's in Wayne does not have the little carts like the one in Montgomeryville.) But the Tr…

Easter playground

After the Easter egg hunt, Keiper and Kaia left for home, and we scootered to the playground. (We are almost always the only people at this playground, and today was no exception.)

Lydia was loving the see-saw.

Heidi went for a bit, but she was having too much fun climbing and sliding.

Anna (and her Easter/birthday pigtails) was also loving the slide (with her little tongue hanging out).

These girls sure do love playgrounds!

Easter egg hunt

After church, we went to Big Guy's and Nonna's for Easter lunch.

After naps, we were ready for the Easter egg hunt! These awesome butterfly nets doubled as hats, Uncle Derek catchers, and collecting vessels for the eggs - perfect!

Everybody in their wings ready to go hunt for eggs!

Time to see what's inside the eggs.

Aunt Rachel and her nieces and nephews.

Anna shaking some eggs.

Thanks for the Easter egg hunt, Big Guy and Nonna!

Easter morning

We talked about how Jesus made everything new when he rose again on Easter morning and celebrated with new dresses (which will reappear at Uncle Derek's wedding next month) and shoes in their Easter baskets - which included a box of princess band-aids for each girl from their Nana.

The girls also love their new The Berenstain Bears New Baby book.

They especially get a kick out of this page (probably because it's their reality).

The previous owners of our home always took pictures of their girls in front of the blooming Dogwood tree on Easter. This year, the Dogwood is still pre-bloom.

 And Anna wasn't feeling the hat.

Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous Easter Sunday!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Anna's first birthday party

We celebrated Anna's birthday with our families on Saturday. Being that Sunday was Easter and also Anna's first birthday, I went with a spring/garden theme for Anna's party. (Before you think anything, I did all this party prep in February and March (as I mentioned previously) since I spent last week unpacking/organizing enough to host a party.) =) I found a pattern on a party bag at Target and used it to direct the colors. Five Below had these balloons which matched perfectly: bubble gum pink, teal, and lime green.

Lydia and Heidi helped me string some Easter eggs on string to make some egg garland (which we can reuse at Easter every year if we wish).

It's a bunny plate.

The birthday banner found a new home in our new house. (Please ignore the too small wall hanging. The walls are still bare. I put that up on an existing nail to get an idea for size of what to put there and then forgot about it.)

Of course, the birthday wreath went up, too.

Anna has her birthday shirt…