still my favorite cookies

I first mentioned these cookies at the end of 2012.

We are now three months into 2014 - over one year later - and I am still in love with these cookies. As in, I keep a bag of prepared cookie dough balls (stuffed with Nutella) in my freezer so that I can enjoy fresh-baked cookies at a moment's notice. (Okay, so more like an hour's notice because they have to thaw some before I bake them. But nonetheless . . . )

I'm a little (a lot?) snobby with them, too. I don't make them for just anyone. (So if I've made them for you, you should feel very loved. =P) (I am not alone in this thought as the genius creator of this recipe, Monique, over on her food blog, Ambitious Kitchen, referenced them in a fish taco recipe last summer, "That's why I only bake the life-changing cookies when I REALLY like someone. Because after those cookies, there is no turning back."

In case you also haven't been making them since 2012 after my original post, the recipe is here (adapted from here) with my five procedural clarifications/modifications:
One. I mix the dry ingredients while the browned butter is cooling in the mixer bowl.
Two. I typically chill the dough in the fridge overnight, not just two hours. (I set it on the counter for a bit if it's too hard to work with.)
Three. I don't chill my Nutella.
Four. I don't flatten the balls. I make a hole with my thumb and tuck the Nutella in there and close it back up.
Five. I sprinkle the dough balls with sea salt before I bake them.

"Life-changing cookies" for sure.


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