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still my favorite cookies

I first mentioned these cookies at the end of 2012.

We are now three months into 2014 - over one year later - and I am still in love with these cookies. As in, I keep a bag of prepared cookie dough balls (stuffed with Nutella) in my freezer so that I can enjoy fresh-baked cookies at a moment's notice. (Okay, so more like an hour's notice because they have to thaw some before I bake them. But nonetheless . . . )

I'm a little (a lot?) snobby with them, too. I don't make them for just anyone. (So if I've made them for you, you should feel very loved. =P) (I am not alone in this thought as the genius creator of this recipe, Monique, over on her food blog, Ambitious Kitchen, referenced them in a fish taco recipe last summer, "That's why I only bake the life-changing cookies when I REALLY like someone. Because after those cookies, there is no turning back."

In case you also haven't been making them since 2012 after my original post, the recipe is here (…

always climbing

This little one is keeping me on my toes. She loves to climb the stairs, and when I block them off with boxes, she sits and howls.

If it's not stairs she's climbing, it's moving boxes. Or bunk bed ladders. Or chairs. At least she's cute. =)

Rain for Roots - a new album!

Almost two years ago, I told you about my love for Rain for Roots. They snuck a new song onto the most recent Indelible Grace album: Joy Beyond the Sorrow, but now Rain for Roots has a new album! The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This.

Woohoo! I haven't listened through this too many times yet, but the girls are loving it. Though, they were wondering which book the words were in (since the first album's lyrics come straight from Sally Lloyd-Jones' Baby's Hug-A-Bible). So besides that little confusion, we are enjoying this new album and the gospel truths flooding the chaos of our temper-tantruming-toddlers-and-baby-climbing-stairs-when-she's-not-supposed-to-preparing-to-move-in-three-weeks-box-filled home.

(Y'all, my stack of CDs for baby showers is getting competitive: I can't decide which ones to give (nor remember to whom I've given which). So for now I'm sticking with the first releases of both Slugs and Bugs (Slugs, Bugs, & Lullabies) and Rain f…

little monkeys

guest bloggers: Lydia, Heidi, & Anna

- - -

This weather is so confusing! Nonetheless, we spent Saturday visiting our grandparents and playing outside. Anna showed her stair-climbing skills.

Though this section was tricky and confusing.

Heidi mastered this climbing section.

Anna giggled down the slide.

Yay for being outside without hats and gloves! (At least until it supposedly snows today?)

sidewalk crawler

Anna tries to keep up with her scootering sisters, but she's always a few sidewalk squares behind. (Let's not discuss how many dogs urinate on this same sidewalk on which Anna is crawling. Country mud and dirt instead of city sidewalk dirt for the win in this category. =)

(Sorry your hat doesn't match your sweater, Anna.)

stair climber

This girl is eleven-months-old (as of yesterday).

She celebrated by climbing up the stairs. First, she climbed up the steps at the playground. No big deal. When we got home, she showed her daddy by climbing the entire flight of stairs from the first floor to the playroom.

The view from the top.

She also thinks pulling herself up is awesome. Look out, moving boxes. Anna is on the move.

first day of spring

Today is the first day of spring! Which means it's almost warm enough to sit outside in the evenings around a fire.

So in honor of #TBT (Throw Back Thursday), here we are in 1988, I think, enjoying one of my favorite outdoor eating activities - s'mores.

Look at that guilty toddler (Derek) in the corner and the intense concentration on my mother's face (while I stuff mine with a marshmallow).

This may be one of my favorite photos of my childhood.

Mmmm, s'mores.

blue-eyed teether

Hello, blue eyes.

How are those teething gums?

paper chain countdown

We are tripping over boxes around here, so I gave the girls a project to do so they might be better able to capture this abstract "moving day" into something more concrete. So they got to work on a paper chain countdown.

Their coloring turned into writing names, and I even managed to convince Lydia away from her beloved stencil.  We had a conversation about handwriting and how each of us has a unique handwriting. Mine doesn't look like Daddy's, and Lydia was suddenly curious to see what her handwriting looks like. ("Nonna" in stencil; "Rachel" freehand in her favorite glitter pens (which are dropping like flies around here as they run out of ink).)

The girls also regularly grab their dolls to know how to spell names (which was my intention in putting names on the bottom of the dolls - success!).

And here hangs our countdown.

Twenty-four days. (Or maybe twenty-five. I think it ends the day the girls go to their grandparent's the night before we…

pinch of yum

As today is St Patty's Day, some of you may be eating corned beef and cabbage. Since cabbage was seventeen cents per pound in light of this holiday and Saturday's weather was springlike, I broke out my favorite summertime recipe for some company Saturday evening: chopped thai chicken salad from one of my favorite food blogs, Pinch of Yum (photo credit: Pinch of Yum).

I could eat this peanut sauce/dressing alone by the spoonful. But it's even better on this fresh and crunchy salad. So delicious.

For dessert, I gave another Pinch of Yum recipe a spin: deep dish chocolate chip cookie with caramel and sea salt. It did not disappoint (photo credit: Pinch of Yum).


duck-duck-goose . . . red rover, red rover

Yesterday, we heard the girls playing "duck-duck-goose" and came down to find this.

A little bit later we heard, "red rover, red rover, send white bear right over."

(I guess all those stuffed animals do come in handy sometimes.)

spring tease

guest bloggers: Lydia, Heidi, & Anna

- - -

It's been warming up around here, and the snow is melting. On Saturday, we hung out at the playground before lunch.

We didn't even need coats; vests were warm enough!

Yesterday we went to the playground all morning, too, but there were no pictures to document our time there. We were having too much fun running and climbing (and crawling).

Is the weather forecast for Thursday really only 28 degrees? Yikes!

Heidi's first haircut

Yesterday, Amanda set up her temporary hair salon in our kitchen. After a few friends came by for some haircuts and color, it was Lydia's and Heidi's turns.

Heidi held the owl during her haircut - her first haircut!

Two little girls with freshly cut locks - ready for spring!


One of our favorite persons came to visit this weekend - Matt! (He actually came for a wedding in New York. And, unfortunately, he left three of our other favorite people way back on the west coast. (Hi, Rachel, Adalyn, and Anabel!) But we got to hang out with him nonetheless.) The girls wasted no time climbing into Matt's lap with a book.

Matt's been reading Dr. Suess to Lydia for years.

But it has been way too long since we've all been together. The last time we all were together was in Tennessee (Kentucky) 2011 before Heidi was born.

Then we saw each other a month later in Philadelphia.

Rachel and Adalyn came in the fall of 2011 for these two curly-haired cuties to hang out.

But our youngest babies (Anabel and Anna) have yet to meet, despite their similar names and being a similar spread in age as Adalyn and Lydia.

Washington is so far away . . .