wooden dolls for the dollhouse

As for the dolls for our dollhouse, I found this tutorial for painting wooden dolls. So I bought some unfinished wooden dolls from this shop on Etsy and a non-toxic topcoat from another shop on Etsy. Then I set to work painting wooden dolls into our family members.

Here's Nana, Pop-Pop, and Uncle Jon.

Aunt Rachel, Big Guy, Nonna.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lauren.

Uncle Derek (who is in seminary - hence his outfit) and his betrothed, Aunt Bethany.

Aaron and me.

Lydia, Heidi, Anna.

Keiper and Kaia. (Why the kid dolls are not the same size for boys and girls is beyond me. I'm still so sorry your doll is so tiny, Keiper!)

On the bottoms I wrote the names.

Heidi's getting the kids assembled around the kids' table.

And, according to Heidi, Uncle Derek is making a s'more at the chiminea (which probably shouldn't technically be indoors).


  1. I LOVE your blog Danielle!! Great job on the dolls - how fun to have each member of your extended family for the girls house!


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