Once upon a time, almost two years ago now, I saw a dollhouse on a blog. Long story short, a sister of Aaron's aunt helped us build it. She cut the pieces, and we glued. As of last December (2012), we had our skeleton done.

It only took us twelve months to put the back on and decorate it. (And, sadly, even the decorating wasn't done in time for Christmas 2013. I failed.)

Nonetheless, the girls don't seem to be bothered by their half-decorated dollhouse. In fact, they requested more carpeting and helped pick out the butterfly wallpaper (scrapbook paper from the craft store). (The other rooms are still waiting to be wallpapered.)

We also found some more furniture in the wood dollar bins at the craft store. (The stickers on their UPC say "not a toy," but they work for our dollhouse.)

The girls play with it every day. (It's still in the living room which may have something to do with that factor, but nonetheless, it gets regular use.)

Even big people like it. In fact, my friend staged it the other night. (Thanks, Bekah!)

(I'll tell you about the dolls tomorrow.)