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I finally finished Lydia's and Heidi's baby books!!! And Anna's is well underway.

I received this one as a shower gift when I was pregnant with Lydia. (Thanks, Ashley!)

If you don't like the author's name so large on the cover of a baby book, here's the book without the book jacket.

I liked the book so much I went ahead and got the same one for Heidi and Anna. I like this baby book because it has little headers in the corners and blank pages.

According the reviews on Amazon, many people use the blank pages to journal. I didn't want to write a lot (or maybe at all), so I use the headers to inspire which photos should go on that page. It's more like a scrap book - but without the scrapbooking. I simply used 4x6 photos with white borders and rubber cement to glue them in place. "Before me."


"First Day."

"Nicknames." "Why This Name?" (Heidi's middle name is Eva, and in this picture she is a few days old with her Great-Great-Grammy (Eva).)

"Sleeping." (The page on the left has blanks for the first seven nights, but I definitely don't remember anything from the first week of newborn sleep deprivation to write anything on those lines..)

I did write on some pages. "Weight." "Height."


On the "religious ceremonies" page, I wrote the same thing I wrote on the blog at baptisms. (And that's the most I wrote in each baby book. The rest is full of photos.)

The girls love their baby books. As in they want to look at them every day.

Here's some commentary while Heidi looks at her book.


  1. Those are really cute!! I need to make Kayleigh one before Baby #2 comes or I will get them confused. Haha


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