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baby in a bath

This girl loves her baths.

I can't show you a video of how much she splashes and squeals (because this is the internet), but it's hilarious and awesome. One of life's simple pleasures.

baby books

I finally finished Lydia's and Heidi's baby books!!! And Anna's is well underway.

I received this one as a shower gift when I was pregnant with Lydia. (Thanks, Ashley!)

If you don't like the author's name so large on the cover of a baby book, here's the book without the book jacket.

I liked the book so much I went ahead and got the same one for Heidi and Anna. I like this baby book because it has little headers in the corners and blank pages.

According the reviews on Amazon, many people use the blank pages to journal. I didn't want to write a lot (or maybe at all), so I use the headers to inspire which photos should go on that page. It's more like a scrap book - but without the scrapbooking. I simply used 4x6 photos with white borders and rubber cement to glue them in place. "Before me."


"First Day."

"Nicknames." "Why This Name?" (Heidi's middle name is Eva, and in this picture she is a…

snow in the bitter cold

There's a lot of snow around here, but it is also so bitterly cold. We got out for a little bit on Tuesday when the snow was coming down.

Such a cute little snow bunny.

wooden dolls for the dollhouse

As for the dolls for our dollhouse, I found this tutorial for painting wooden dolls. So I bought some unfinished wooden dolls from this shop on Etsy and a non-toxic topcoat from another shop on Etsy. Then I set to work painting wooden dolls into our family members.

Here's Nana, Pop-Pop, and Uncle Jon.

Aunt Rachel, Big Guy, Nonna.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lauren.

Uncle Derek (who is in seminary - hence his outfit) and his betrothed, Aunt Bethany.

Aaron and me.

Lydia, Heidi, Anna.

Keiper and Kaia. (Why the kid dolls are not the same size for boys and girls is beyond me. I'm still so sorry your doll is so tiny, Keiper!)

On the bottoms I wrote the names.

Heidi's getting the kids assembled around the kids' table.

And, according to Heidi, Uncle Derek is making a s'more at the chiminea (which probably shouldn't technically be indoors).


Once upon a time, almost two years ago now, I saw a dollhouse on a blog. Long story short, a sister of Aaron's aunt helped us build it. She cut the pieces, and we glued. As of last December (2012), we had our skeleton done.

It only took us twelve months to put the back on and decorate it. (And, sadly, even the decorating wasn't done in time for Christmas 2013. I failed.)

Nonetheless, the girls don't seem to be bothered by their half-decorated dollhouse. In fact, they requested more carpeting and helped pick out the butterfly wallpaper (scrapbook paper from the craft store). (The other rooms are still waiting to be wallpapered.)

We also found some more furniture in the wood dollar bins at the craft store. (The stickers on their UPC say "not a toy," but they work for our dollhouse.)

The girls play with it every day. (It's still in the living room which may have something to do with that factor, but nonetheless, it gets regular use.)

Even big people like it. In …


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

During this snowstorm, I pulled out a puzzle. Mama helped me with the frame, and then I did the rest.

Last piece!

Take a picture, Mom!

(Don't worry, Big Guy. I didn't even look at the picture on the box!)

window waiting

guest bloggers: Lydia, Heidi, & Anna

- - -

The snow started this morning. While we waited for the dusting to turn into enough snow to play in, we watched the snow fall from our favorite window spot.

Can we go out yet, Mama?

We are ready!