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guest blogger: Anna

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I like to sit in the bumbo (for short amounts of time).

I'm the only member of the family who is allowed to sit on the table at dinner time.

new scooter

guest blogger: Heidi

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I got my very own scooter for my birthday!

Now Lydia and I ride together.


Thank you for my new scooter. I love it!

Heidi's "Are You My Mother?" birthday party

Remember when Heidi and I were the birds from Are You My Mother? Heidi still loves that book, so I used it as inspiration for Heidi's birthday party.

I took the red and white polka dot hankerchief, the blue book cover, and the yellow egg for colors.

And I incorporated the tree, nest, egg, and Snort in the menu and decor. 

I made this banner with leftover fabric from my Halloween costume. (Thanks for the photo with my banner, Keiper. (Thanks, Lauren, for taking said photo.))

I was going to hang streamers as a backdrop, but Saturday was so windy. Aaron suggested I weave the crepe paper through the deck rails. I initially gave him a "that's-a-really-stupid-idea look," but I eventually decided to embrace it. It proved to be genius as it added decoration that stood up to the wind. (High five, husband. Sorry I gave you the cranky look.)

I came across red and white polka dot tissue paper at Target, so I threw together a few tissue paper pom poms.

How much fun is washi …

thrower poppers

Someone gave Heidi these for her birthday.

Thank you, Uncle Ryan, for the "loud maker throwers." Or "thrower poppers."

grandbabies and (great)grandparents

We spent the weekend celebrating birthdays in the suburbs. I have to gather some photos from my sister-in-law before I tell you about Heidi's birthday party.

In the meantime, since everyone was together, we (finally) remembered to take a grandparents-grandbabies picture right before Heidi's party. I think this is the best one.

Kaia was the first to lose it.

Heidi took pacifier duty, and then the photo participants dispersed.

Then, after Heidi's party we tried again with the great-grandparents.

These pictures should be especially fun to enjoy in years down the road. =)

Heidi's birthday at Sister Cities Park

guest blogger: Lydia

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You may remember my telling you about Sister Cities Park last year. We went yesterday as something fun to do for Heidi's birthday!

The water was cold, but we were having fun!

We walked up the waterfall.

After about an hour, we were cold, and a friend came with these delicious truffles from Godiva as a gift for Heidi's birthday. (She gave me one, too!)

I think we may be at Sister Cities a lot this summer . . .


Heidi is two today! I love this goofy bundle of energy. Baking has never been more entertaining.

I love those dimples. 

No one loves Anna more than Heidi.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love your energy and laughter and silliness and stubbornness. I love being your mama. We are excited to celebrate you today!

our TFG Woodworks bunk beds

The sun refuses to shine before noon around these parts, and the girls' bedroom window faces east. Thus, the pictures of the bunk beds are grainy thanks to the high ISO, but you'll still get the idea.

Here is their mismatched crib-without-sides setup on Friday (taken when sunshine used to appear before noon).

Here are their new bunk beds on Saturday!

Heidi is modeling the ladder for you. (Yes, we still wear Christmas pajamas in May around here.)

Guess who picked blue?

Heidi. She's on the bottom.

Lydia - on the top - picked green.

The trundle bed is wearing the turquoise (and blocking the closet so no Monsters Inc. debacles can occur in this bedroom).

The girls love them; we love them. These bunk beds are awesome. I stumbled across TFGWoodworks on craigslist a few months ago. I emailed the idea to Aaron, and a few weeks ago, he drove out to TFG Woodworks' workshop near Downingtown to check out the bunk beds. Tom, the owner/builder, and his wife welcomed Aaron into t…