Slugs & Bugs Sing the Bible is here!

I told you about this back in April before Anna was born, and now Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible is here!

Actually, it has been for almost a week now; I'm just delayed at saying so to y'all over here. Since I'm not very musically inclined to be able to describe to you this music (besides telling you how much I love it), I'll quote creator Randall Goodgame on his post over at the Rabbit Room (one of my favorite blogs).

"Like most musicians I know, I’ve long admired the way Paul Simon blended African music and American folk/pop on Graceland (1986). And over the last ten years, trips to Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda have continued my education in African rhythm and melody. Additionally, after eighteen years of musical life in Nashville, I’ve become a huge bluegrass fan, often searching for some way to allow a banjo or mandolin to help with whatever I’m doing. So making Sing the Bible gave me a chance to blend African music with Nashville bluegrass. That unique combination served as the musical foundation for the album.

. . . the African Children’s Choir rolled into Tennessee on their well-traveled African Children’s Choir bus. Their voices vitalize the album’s African melodies and rhythms. On the Nashville side of things, Ron Block’s banjo plays a huge role in the sonic landscape, as does Sierra Hull’s mandolin. The great Stuart Duncan and his violin are featured prominently on The Lord’s Prayer, which doesn’t seem quite as African until you consider the vocalist—my son Benjamin. We adopted Ben from Ethiopia when he was two years old. Even my friend and scripture reader (and New York Times best-selling author) Sally Lloyd-Jones helps keep up the theme. It was so thoughtful of her to be born in Uganda. That’s just like her, really. Always thinking of others."

My girls have been dancing to this all day (since our pile of CDs arrived in the mail today) and listening intently to learn the words. I'm excited for you to enjoy it, as well, so check it out here (where you can also download the album for yourself or perhaps order some last minute Christmas gifts for your favorite little people!).