Anna's baptism

Yesterday we celebrated Anna's baptism! We put her in the "baptism dress" (a red and black plaid dress that each girl has now worn for her baptism), and she was baptized during our morning church service. (The lighting in the sanctuary is atrocious, so please excuse the grainy photos. The flash wasn't cooperating with the autofocus in the poor lighting either. So I shall blame it all on technological difficulties. =)

I posted this when I shared both Lydia's and Heidi's baptism, and I'm posting it once again here for me. I love what baptism represents - the sign and seal of the covenant God made with Abraham - an unconditional covenant of blessing and redemption. God's grace and mercy through salvation are gifts extended to each of his children; we merely must receive. Anna's baptism doesn't grant her salvation as only she can choose this for herself as she grows to understand. She - and each of us - brings nothing to the table in our relationship with God. He reaches down to us whether we choose to receive or not. Our prayer is that Anna will choose salvation for herself one day as we love her with the joy of the gospel. We pray that God will work through our imperfect love to show her his perfect love.