a collection of Jesse Trees

I began this Jesse Tree journey back in December of 2009 when I saw a Jesse Tree at the home of my friend (while visiting with my then newborn, Lydia.) I spent the Advent season of 2010 in Jesse Tree research, and in January of 2011, I put on my art teacher hat and roped in some friends to create Jesse Tree ornaments with me. We (most of us) finished in May, just before Heidi was born. But at Christmas when our Jesse Trees came out, others were curious and interested. So I loaned out some of my cardstock patterns, and at the urging of some friends, I eventually put together the tutorials on this blog last November.

Now - a year later - I feel like a proud mama with these Jesse Trees! I supplied a few basic tools (a tutorial and some inspiration - with some background help from other Jesse Tree experts and experiences), and my friends took off with their own creative genius. Their ornaments are not exactly like mine; they each have personality and character and unique twists. (It's awesome (and sometimes hilarious) to see how one set of instructions can generate such different products.) My original plan for the tree flopped, so everyone took the tree into her own hands. And I'm so glad they did! Their Jesse Trees are awesome, so let's check them out!

This is the first Jesse Tree I ever saw, on the table of my friend, Amy. (It's not as blurry in real life. And this tree is the same, but she reformatted some of her ornaments with the tutorials, too, even though her tree was my first inspiration!)






Carrie's Mom's:



Carrie moved here in 2012, so she missed when we made them together. So she used the tutorials to make her ornaments last year (actually two sets: she gave one to her mom), and I love how they turned out.

Here are Lessa's muslin bags (and Lessa in the reflection - hi, Lessa!):

And here is Miles in action, hanging an ornament.

Y'all are so awesome! You should be so proud. I'm so excited I could be a small part of bringing the celebration of Advent into your homes, especially teaching our children this most important gospel story!


  1. Danielle, These are so neat! I love how each one is different! A wonderful way to celebrate Advent with your young families! Merry Christmas! ~~Kim


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