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I'm so thankful for these people (and these photos). Photos by Rae Barnes Photography

Thanksgiving dinner 2008

When we first got married, I often worked Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, but in 2008, I had off and made an entire Thanksgiving dinner for Aaron and me to enjoy in our Nashville apartment. We picked our favorite sides to make: sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, and broccoli casserole.

I know it doesn't look pretty (I am no food photographer), but it's so delicious - especially that sausage stuffing! (I'm so excited to eat that tomorrow.)

I love Thanksgiving dinner.

flower girls revisited

These photos from my cousin's wedding in September of 2012 are sitting on my mom's table. (They're not mine: they are the photographer's, whose name/website I would reference if I knew where to find it. (Nicole or April, feel free to comment, and I'll edit my post with the link.))

I'm not the only one who thought they were adorable. I love the faces of the guests.

Lydia's hair was so long.

Heidi was so little.

My little flower girls are always growing. Time, please slow down maybe just a little bit . . .


guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

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We love puzzles.

Anna does the chunky puzzles.

We do some letter puzzles.

Anna loves the letter pieces, but she could probably choke on them. Anna - play with your own puzzles!

a weekend getaway

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

We are very excited for our weekend adventures with Pop-Pop and Nana.

We spent all afternoon packing.

See you in the morning, Pop-Pop and Nana!

this week

These cuties have been a little under the weather all week, but I think we are starting to turn a corner . . . hopefully!


This girl loves to eat! Mango pits.


Bananas, avocado, pears. Yum!

Christmas stockings

I have Christmas stockings to finish for the Coyle household!

Look how far I am into Bethany's name. See that one line?

And - OH NO - that is the wrong fabric anyway. It's supposed to be this one. See?

Good thing I stopped to do this blog post, or I'd have had to redo the whole thing!

birthday girl

This girl had a birthday.

And now she is four!

Happy birthday, Lydia Kate! I love you and your inquisitive, hilarious self so much.

Lydia's birthday pizza party

Today was Lydia's birthday pizza party with some friends! She requested a pizza shirt for the party.

Fabric directly from this wedding favor to above shirt. (I didn't cut that circle or anything. Thank you, Adam and April.)

Each guest had a seat ready with a tissue paper chef hat and a pizza pan.

(Chef hat tutorial. Pizza pans from the Dollar Tree - pizza pans doubled as a party favor for the play kitchens of the guest.)

Each pizza pan was prepped with pizza-making ingredients: dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, oregano.

First, everyone made their pizzas. (Of course we used our favorite pizza dough recipe.)

Then while the pizzas were in the oven, Aaron read Curious George and the Pizza Party - the inspiration for this party.

After the story, it was time for pizza bingo. Everyone glued together a bingo card with pizza pictures.

Then it was time to play bingo until the pizza was ready . . . Pizza's ready!

After pizza, of course, there was cake! (Pioneer Woman's peanut bu…

a happy birthday bear

guest blogger: Lydia

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Today my Great-Mom-Mom and Great-Pop-Pop came to visit and also to celebrate my birthday!

They gave our family a Happy Birthday Bear!

He sings happy birthday (his mouth moves!), and his candle hat lights up.

I told them about my pizza party birthday party I am having on Friday, so we read Curious George and the Pizza Party to show them sort of what my pizza party will be like.

I wore my new Rapunzel dress and these purple wings while we read.

This birthday bear is hilarious.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me, Great-Mom-Mom and Great-Pop-Pop! We always love when you come to visit us!

"I don't envy you."

Yesterday, while balancing Anna in the carseat and two little girls clamoring at the door while juggling for my keys amidst unloading groceries from the minivan outside our South Philly row home, my neighbor - whilst smoking on her stoop - said to me, "I don't envy you." I smiled politely in reply, but I haven't stopped thinking about her statement.

Yes, I do look absolutely crazy at times (maybe most of the time?), but being a mama to three little people is so very rich and sweet and hard and lovely and exhausting, often all of those things at the same time. But the Lord gave me these girls, entrusting them to my care, and by his grace, I'm doing the best I can to raise them in the truth of the gospel. I make a lot of mistakes and show them on a daily basis what forgiveness looks like as I seek them out to forgive me for my repeated failures as their mama. I lose my temper. I am rude. I am impatient. But as the Lord forgives me, so I forgive my children as I te…

googly eyes

My sister, Rachel, made these coasters for us last Christmas. The other day, I saw this.

Googly eye artwork by Lydia.

wedding dress shopping

I am very late at reporting this here, but my youngest brother is getting married!!! (He's been engaged for almost three months. Whoops. Sorry for holding on out on you, blog.) Lydia and Heidi already call her Aunt Bethany, so it's basically a done deal already.

On Saturday, we went wedding dress shopping with my future sister-in-law. She found her wedding dress!!! But I can't show you anything except this picture.

On May 25, 2014, there will be more to see. Until then, you can go look at their beautiful engagement pictures by Brewer Images.

Congratulations (again), Derek and Bethany!