wall hangings

Leah and I finished these growth chart rulers last fall while we were both still pregnant. (We sort of followed these two tutorials except we rotated the numbers.) On October 3rd, almost an entire year after finishing it, I finally hung mine up. (Big slacker.)

So we marked both Lydia and Heidi's height on that random October 3rd day and plan to continue charting each girl on her own birthday. We'll do Anna for the first time on her first birthday. (She actually gets to be the first kid to do it "right" and start on her first birthday.)

While I was busy hammering holes into plaster walls (with tape! hammering into plaster is tricky business), I finally put two things on the wall in the girls' room, too.

I still just love this photo and love it on the wall in their room.

(That was taken on my iPhone, and there was no resolution problem enlarging it to that 12"x12" size for the frame. That's still amazing to me.)