visiting Great-Great-Grammy

On Friday we went out to Harleysville and visited the girls' Great-Great Grammy (Aaron's dad's paternal grandmother) and Great-Nanny (Aaron's maternal grandmother). Great-Great-Grammy pulled out this box of toys that her grandkids (and great-grandkids and now great-great-grandkids) played with when they were kids.

There is three generations of baby slobber on that tractor. Yum.

Heidi had to call Pop-Pop.

Anna just kept giggling with Great-Great-Grammy.

I won't tell you how old Great-Great-Grammy is, but we went to her 95th birthday party in December three years ago. These girls are so blessed to know her.

If you were wondering, Lydia also declared Friday "tree shirt" day, so we all (Aaron and I included) wore our tree shirts. (This year's Nez shirts have been renamed "tree shirts" by the girls because the old Nez shirts are still in Heidi's drawer which was just too confusing, I guess.) =)