two in love: a smitten kitchen bicycle shower

On Saturday, we gathered to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Chad and Ashley.

Guests tied a tag to a bottle of wine for the bottle of wine wishing well.

Andrea made these fancy bicycles.

And Mia nabbed these sweet plates for their bikes. (Ahem, Ashley's new last name will be Somers.)

Ashley LOVES the Smitten Kitchen blog. So Nicole created the entire menu from Smitten Kitchen recipes.

(I'm so sorry that I'm not a food photographer and that I also forgot to adjust my white balance.)  Everything was delicious.

Here's Ashley enjoying a popsicle in Monica's newly renovated back space.

On to the gifts.

Carolyn found these sweet mugs on Etsy. (Maybe these?)

A signature puddle picture.

Leah whipped up these fun frames with Chad's and Ashley's respective states (Missouri (Chad), California (Ashley), and Pennsylvania (where they met)) with hearts to mark their cities.

Here comes the bride.

A little favor for the road.

We had a great time celebrating you, Ashley, and putting together a delicious evening of food and fun! Only a few more weeks until the wedding . . . !!!