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guest blogger: Anna

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I can't reach the handle bars yet.

Maybe next year.

alpaca neighbors

guest blogger: Heidi

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On Saturday morning we visited the neighbors. Hello, alpacas!

There are so many of them. These are the girls. (The boys are in the other field.)

This little one is almost the same age as Anna!

I think they like each other.

Goodbye, alpacas. See you again soon!

s'mores and sparklers

guest blogger: Lydia

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After dinner, we built a fire to enjoy some s'mores!

Daddy helped prepare roasting sticks for us.

Mama had the Resee's Peanut Butter Cups melting on the hot rock by the fire.

Time to eat!

(Heidi only ate the inside of her graham crackers.)

Uncle Jon had colored sparklers. This one was red.

Heidi has a green one!

So much fun!

Harford Fair

On Friday, we made our annual visit to the Harford Fair. Heidi was very excited to see the pigs.

No one was as excited about the Farmer For A Day exhibit this year as they have been in years past.

They just wanted the snack given at the end.

Heidi's reaction to this goat is amusing. She's so animated.

We met a goat named Rachel.

And a cow named Bethany. (But we didn't run into any Lauren animals. =)

Aaron's really good at walking with his eyes covered.

We took our annual photo (even though Anna was still sleeping).

We made our way to the poultry barn. Hello, baby chicks.

We found some more chickens and roosters.

Anna woke up in time to enjoy the bunny house.

We ate lunch in our favorite picnic table spot in the shade.

Then we barely squeaked in a peak at the motorcycle tent where exhausted little girls were on the verge of meltdowns. 

So we pumped them full of ice cream before heading back to the cabin for naps.

Hooray for another fun year at the Harford Fair!


Over the weekend, we were at the mountains for our annual trip to the Harford Fair. I have plenty of pictures to show, but I am loving this one Aaron captured. And after a crazy Monday, I'm just going to stare at this picture that perfectly captures the normal and routine of my life right now.

Since photos can't talk back, I'm particularly enjoying the sweet and silent little girls in this photo (including the one you can't quite see but know is there in my wrap). I love them so much.

slolam . . . five

While at Keuka Lake, we also enjoyed Ryan's boat.

Here's Aaron skiing (slolaming!)!

I skied, too, for the first time in three years. Yikes. I was pooped. And sore. (Sorry, no one photographed my sloppy skiing for you. =)

Also, this happened five years ago today . . .

Five years!!! Happy Anniversary, Ryan and Lauren!!!

kayaking on Keuka

I tried to get the girls on the kayak with me all week. They refused until the last day. Heidi joined me, and immediately Lydia wanted to ride, too. So Lydia hopped in with Aaron, and away we went. (Thank you, Derek, for capturing our kayaking with the camera.)

If you've never done so, it is a core workout to balance a kayak with a wiggly toddler. It's also tricky to paddle without hitting said wiggly toddler with the paddle pole.


guest blogger: Anna

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Here I am with my cousin, Kaia.

She's hilarious.

Next summer we are going to be running around together. Look out!

something blue at a wedding

guest blogger: Heidi

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On Saturday, we went to Daddy's cousin's wedding.

We got lollipops during the ceremony.

Mine was blue.

I matched my dress!

a view from the dock

guest blogger: Heidi

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I'm watching Uncle Ryan.

He's getting ready to wake board.

Look who's on the boat. Hi, Lydia!

There goes Uncle Ryan.