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guest blogger: Anna

- - -

My sisters pushed me on the swing at Big Guy's and Nonna's.

They even gave me underdoggies!

My big sisters are the best!


On Sunday, Aaron and I celebrated seven (SEVEN?!) years of marriage.

Today, as I was driving in my hometown, Tim McGraw's "Where the Green Grass Grows" popped into my head. Aaron and I listened to a lot of country music together in our dating lives, so I'll sing the chorus for you . . .

I'm gonna live where the green grass grows
Watchin' my corn pop up in rows
Every night be tucked in close to you
Raise our kids where the good Lord's blessed
Point our rocking chairs toward the rest
Plant our dreams where the peaceful river flows
Where the green grass grows

We live in Philadelphia, hardly where the green grass grows or where corn is poppin' up in rows, but I do get to be tucked in close to Aaron every night. And we are raising some pretty awesome kids.

Happy Anniversary, babe. I'm thankful to be living life with you wherever God has us, (even if it's not exactly where the green grass grows). I love you!

a tub and a shower

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

While we were at my grandparent's house last weekend, we took a bath in their big tub before bedtime on Saturday night.

Then on Sunday, I went with Mama and Anna and Nana to a bridal shower for Daddy's cousin, Brittany. (Heidi was napping.)

 I really liked this pink cup.

I almost won a game, too.

It will be fun to go to her wedding next month!

bouncy seat

Lydia and Heidi added some rings to Anna's bouncy seat.

I think she approves.

a surprise pool

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Pop-Pop and Nana had a pool set up for us last weekend.

As you already know, we love to swim.

We had a blast in the little pool!

Anna meets the chickens

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

While we were at the home of my Pop-Pop and Nana this weekend, my sisters wanted to visit the chickens.

They thought I should see the chickens, too.

Hello, girls!

Mama says thanks for your eggs.

heatwave relief

Y'all. It has been HOT in these parts, and if I haven't mentioned so already, I do not particularly enjoy the city in the summer. Last week, there were two places to be: inside in the air conditioning or outside in a pool. My parent's house has both central air and a swimming pool, so we abandoned the city for two days in an attempt to cool off. We were in the water by nine o'clock in the morning each day, only to emerge to eat and sleep. It was glorious. Here are my little fishies.

Even Anna enjoyed the water.

Yay for a pool to enjoy during a heatwave!


To tie up the Fat Camp 2013 photos, here is a group shot of the cousins (plus spouses plus offspring minus one cousin (Nicole)).

For comparative purposes, here's a picture of just the cousins back in 1990something at Keuka Lake.

But Barry isn't in that picture (where was he anyway?), so I had to dig out another oldie for you. This is one month before Rachel was born, so here we are August 1989 (pre-Rachel).

And now I feel old. (And why does Heidi look like so much like my sister, Rachel?)

I love how this "Fat Camp" tradition just became. It wasn't forced or planned. It just was and is.

And we love it.

Nonna's little bistro

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Last week we went out to swim at Big Guy's and Nonna's. Nonna found these cool chairs on clearance at Target. Using her little side table as our table, we ate our breakfast outside with our little bistro furniture.

Then some friends came over to swim, so we ate a snack outside, too.

After we swam and our lips turned purple (since the air was colder than the water that day), we all went inside to play with the toys.

It was rather chilly that day, but it's no where near chilly right now . . .


We now take up almost all of the four swings at the playground.

Anna loves the swings.

And I love cute baby toes.

Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A. Dress like a cow and get free chicken. We taped black spots to our white clothing and tied on cow-fabric headbands. (Thank you, Aunt Rachel, for the cow fabric you gave to Mama's fabric stash years ago.) Upon arrival, we took a picture with the cardboard cow.

Only two other people were dressed as cows when we got there, but $0.17 later (Mama's lemonade was taxed), we sat down to enjoy our (almost) free dinner!

 After we ate all our chicken nuggets and applesauce, we ate an Icedream!


paper lanterns and sparklers

Keuka Lake creates a "ring of fire" on the Fourth of July (and Labor Day) where lakeside residents light red flares around the lakefront. Combine the red flares with campfires, and it must be quite a view from mountain properties. We added more fire fun this year with paper lanterns (with which we also polluted the earth and probably killed some wildlife, but I digress . . . )

Then we played with sparklers to make letters.

So we tried to spell . . . 

Hmmm . . . almost. =P