moving day

Early Saturday morning, we headed to Harrisburg to help my brother and his family pack up for their move to Rochester, New York.

I use the term "help" loosely. We brought five people to the moving event, providing only one helpful person (Aaron). I was on kid duty - our three girls plus my niece and nephew. We brought our scooters (after reminding my brother not to pack his kids' scooters yet) and spent most of the morning doing this.

Keiper was a little hesitant on his scooter at first (probably the first time he's ever been behind my girls in terms of moving towards something).

But he caught on in no time and was soon flying ahead of everyone.

I wore Anna and pushed Kaia in the stroller after the scooter-ers. So, yes, I did get many comments as we walked. Heidi got a little tired towards the end, and fortunately Kaia is a good sharer (until Heidi tried to lean back anyway).

We will see my brother and his family in just a few weeks at Fat Camp! (Ryan and Lauren - hope unpacking is coming along smoothly! If you need any more "help," just let me know. I'm sure I can find more ways to be helpfully useless even from afar. =)