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Guess who is coming to visit tomorrow?!?!

This is the only picture I took when Nez came to visit last August (when we moved), so I need to do better over the next few days.

We are so excited to see you, friend!

pool noodles

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Big Guy says I am turning into a fish.

I swam in circles around the pool with this noodle.

Time to switch noodles.

Here I go on the orange one.

I love to swim!

pool fun

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Daddy and Mama had a wedding to attend this weekend, so we stayed with Big Guy and Nonna. We spent most of the time out by the pool.

I played with this bucket while Lydia swam with the noodle. (She'll tell you about that tomorrow.)

I like to blow bubbles.

When Daddy and Mama came to pick us up, Daddy played with me in the pool for awhile.

We had so much fun swimming. I love summer!

fruit tree to hot mess

It's as if I have this tree full of ripe fruit, but there are no fruit salads or jams or desserts unless I make the time to harvest the fruit and spend some time in the kitchen cutting and pureeing and baking. Likewise, I haven't posted my thoughts here in a long while. I have a lot of scrambled thoughts floating in my head, but I fail to make the time to gather them into words and arrange them into sentences and paragraphs. (That analogy is not supposed to be deep (or good). Hopefully it even shows my inability to do what I just said: gather my thoughts into (coherent) words and sentences. =)

I also struggle to make the time to call back my friends, read a book to Heidi, color with Lydia, talk to Aaron, and the list goes on. I'm also responsible to feed and clothe four other people, so I feel like I'm floundering more often than not.

I don't wish life to be a race. I like the slow and intentional and thoughtful route. Or I at least like the idea of it.…


Hello, smiling Anna!

Father's Day picnic

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

On Father's Day, we took Daddy on a picnic after church.

We were going to stop somewhere for a snack after the picnic, but there were Federal Donuts at church. So we took some of those for the road instead.

 My sisters are hilarious.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

(I was at the picnic, too. I was just strapped to the photographer, so you can't see me.)

Happy Father's Day

(This was scheduled to go up on Sunday, but I forgot to publish it.)

This was our had-to-stop-and-feed-the-baby pit stop on the way home from moving my brother the other weekend. Look at this awesome daddy with his girls.

I love how in the next series, he's looking at one of his girls in each picture.

I love him. Happy Father's Day, Aaron!


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

We went swimming on the only sunny day this week. After my nap, I was ready to swim!

The water was rather chilly, but Big Guy helped me jump in.

I love to swim at the ladder.

Even when Heidi dumps a bucket of cold water on my head.

sitting (and slouching) in my Bumbo

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

I love to sit in my Bumbo because I like to see what is going on at all times.

But sometimes I tip over to the side.

Mama, I need a little help, please! 

Phew, thanks.

heads up

Oh, hey, there, Anna. When did you stop being a newborn?


guest blogger: Heidi
- - -
I love my little sister, Anna-banana.

moving day

Early Saturday morning, we headed to Harrisburg to help my brother and his family pack up for their move to Rochester, New York.

I use the term "help" loosely. We brought five people to the moving event, providing only one helpful person (Aaron). I was on kid duty - our three girls plus my niece and nephew. We brought our scooters (after reminding my brother not to pack his kids' scooters yet) and spent most of the morning doing this.

Keiper was a little hesitant on his scooter at first (probably the first time he's ever been behind my girls in terms of moving towards something).

But he caught on in no time and was soon flying ahead of everyone.

I wore Anna and pushed Kaia in the stroller after the scooter-ers. So, yes, I did get many comments as we walked. Heidi got a little tired towards the end, and fortunately Kaia is a good sharer (until Heidi tried to lean back anyway).

We will see my brother and his family in just a few weeks at Fat Camp! (Ryan and Lauren - h…