Heidi's "Are You My Mother?" birthday party

Remember when Heidi and I were the birds from Are You My Mother? Heidi still loves that book, so I used it as inspiration for Heidi's birthday party.

I took the red and white polka dot hankerchief, the blue book cover, and the yellow egg for colors.

And I incorporated the tree, nest, egg, and Snort in the menu and decor. 

I made this banner with leftover fabric from my Halloween costume. (Thanks for the photo with my banner, Keiper. (Thanks, Lauren, for taking said photo.))

I was going to hang streamers as a backdrop, but Saturday was so windy. Aaron suggested I weave the crepe paper through the deck rails. I initially gave him a "that's-a-really-stupid-idea look," but I eventually decided to embrace it. It proved to be genius as it added decoration that stood up to the wind. (High five, husband. Sorry I gave you the cranky look.)

I came across red and white polka dot tissue paper at Target, so I threw together a few tissue paper pom poms.

How much fun is washi tape?

A vegetable platter with a broccoli "tree." The Snort is dropping the baby bird (or egg) back into the nest. I should've put the bird up there, not the egg. Oops.

The eggs are way too large for their nests, but smaller cake balls or larger nests were just not going to be as delicious. (I also gave up dipping the cake balls into yellow chocolate. I think white chocolate is gross, and I much preferred the deliciousness of the melted bittersweet chocolate chips I used. So I decided to go with yellow sprinkles.)

These jars turned out to be an awesome idea in light of the wind. (The polka dot lids are cupcake liners.) No plastic or paper cups blowing over. These mason jars of fruit tea held their ground.

Heidi opened presents. (Photo credit to my sister-in-law, Lauren.) (No, no one gave her diapers - just a box full of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars!)

I can hear Heidi in these pictures saying, "Oooo," to the tic-tacs.

Girl loves Elmo.

She also loves this pillow from IKEA. For the past few months, every time she saw it at IKEA, she'd yell, "Polka dots!" She now sleeps with it every night instead of the pillow that was previously on her bed. Lauren captured her excitement for this pillow perfectly.

Once again, I can hear her saying, "Scooter!"

After presents, it was time to eat. Sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions. My staple summer Bean and Barley Arugula Salad. Fruit salad. Deviled eggs. Yum. (People ate too fast for photos to happen as I was helping to get it out on the table.)

Before we knew it the party was over.

Happy Birthday, Heidi!