Slugs & Bugs Sing the Bible kickstarter

I've been waiting for this since the Slugs & Bugs blog announced the project back in October: a new Slugs & Bugs album is in the works!

We continue to love the Slugs & Bugs albums in our home, but I am really excited about this one being Scripture verses put to music. My girls are little sponges, especially when it comes to music. I am excited to have entire passages of Scripture to sing, including songs to learn the books of the Bible in order.

Here's the video where Randall Goodgame tells a bit about the project (also available on the kickstarter page).

If you didn't watch the above video or visit the kickstarter page, you might've missed that Sally Lloyd-Jones is also a part of this project. (Do I need to remind you how much I love her Jesus Storybook Bible and other writings - Song of the Stars, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing - not to mention her involvement with my other favorite kids music, Rain for Roots?)

As I type this, Lydia (who is supposed to be napping!) is singing over the monitor a lullaby from the original Slugs & Bugs album . . . "hey, beautiful girl. daddy loves you. he loves you. most beautiful girl in the whole wide world." Sweet little voice singing such a sweet song.

I'm so excited for this project and am excited to be a part of making it happen through kickstarter. Check out the kickstarter page for the pledge rewards if you're as excited as our household about a new Slugs & Bugs album, especially this one where we will sing the Bible together. Also, please note the "volume I." There could be more in the future . . . !!!!!