due date

Today is my due date (!!!), which clearly means nothing except to mess with me psychologically. Anyway, I thought I'd look back at the blog last year for some inspiration in today's post, and funny enough, I wrote this:

- - -

I should point out that despite all the sweet pictures of my girls smiling and playing . . . it has been a loud, hard week around here. Lots of yelling, screaming, fighting, hair-pulling, pushing, shoving, crying, and tantruming. One minute Lydia and Heidi are giggling hysterically together. The next minute, they are screaming at one another, fists clenched and pulling hair. I'd be lying if I said it's been an easy week. I've lost my patience more times than I'd like to admit. Fortunately, in this journey of parenting, there is grace. I am confident that I will mess up my children because I am broken and messy, but God's grace is bigger than my messiness. And he loves my girls so much more than I ever could.

- - -

This absolutely describes my week this year as well. So thankful the Lord loves me despite my stagnant behavior of still being impatient with my girls. His grace is so amazing.