a playground meeting

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

There were more family members for Anna to meet, so on Friday we hopped over to a playground in Harleysville for Anna to meet our cousins. (She slept most of the time there, so the rest of us played.)

Aunt Lauren.

Uncle Ryan.


Keiper was too busy playing.

There are only two swings at this playground, so I shared a swing with Kaia.

She loved it.

So many girls.

Then I drove the fire truck.

I rode the see-saw, too.

I think Anna will love this playground someday. (We can even walk to it from Big Guy's and Nonna's house!)


  1. Sorry I missed playing on the playground with you all.

  2. Danielle and Lauren,
    We love to go to this playground when we're in town! Isn't it great. Danielle - we have some boys to even out those girls :) Love to you all and blessings upon little Anna. Stay strong - the next few weeks are tiring! We'll be praying!


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