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more meetings

guest blogger: Anna

- - -

There were more people to meet out in Harleysville last Friday. Great-Grammy and Great-Pop-Pop stopped by Pop-Pop's and Nana's house to meet me in the afternoon.

 Then Uncle Jon came by, too.

Of course, I had to snuggle and hang out with Pop-Pop and Nana . . .

. . . until I was hungry, of course.

a playground meeting

guest blogger: Heidi

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There were more family members for Anna to meet, so on Friday we hopped over to a playground in Harleysville for Anna to meet our cousins. (She slept most of the time there, so the rest of us played.)

Aunt Lauren.

Uncle Ryan.


Keiper was too busy playing.

There are only two swings at this playground, so I shared a swing with Kaia.

She loved it.

So many girls.

Then I drove the fire truck.

I rode the see-saw, too.

I think Anna will love this playground someday. (We can even walk to it from Big Guy's and Nonna's house!)

first stroller stroll

The girls were turning into spiderman on our railing.

So we determined a walk to the playground was in order.

Plus, Anna had to try out the stroller. Here she is enjoying her first ride in the stroller.

I hope she likes it. She'll be trucking around town in it this summer . . . assuming we can determine how to get around the city with a double stroller and three kids under the age of four. Most likely, she'll be in the stroller the least and strapped to me instead. =)

going home from the hospital babies

Back in 2009, as we were expecting our first baby and didn't know boy or girl, I decided to pick something generic for our baby to wear home from the hospital. I brought the same thing to the hospital in 2011 and again a few days ago here in 2013. As Lydia was three pounds lighter than Heidi and Anna at birth, she is the easiest to spot. But check out the similarities of Heidi and Anna. Hah!

my big sisters

guest blogger: Anna
- - -
I have two big sisters. One of them squeezes me and smothers me with kisses (a lot). My oldest sister held me for the first time last night. I think she loves me.

And I love them, too.

Anna's first day

Anna had a busy day on her birth day meeting her sisters and grandparents and Aunt Rachel and Uncle Derek.


Big Guy.


Daddy and his girls!



Uncle Derek.

Aunt Rachel.

Recovering from all the introductions with some Daddy snuggles.

welcome, Anna!

Turns out I went into labor on my due date, and this beautiful little girl arrived early Saturday. Meet Anna Rebekah.

Here is our little family of five.

Once again, we are in love with our new little girl.

due date

Today is my due date (!!!), which clearly means nothing except to mess with me psychologically. Anyway, I thought I'd look back at the blog last year for some inspiration in today's post, and funny enough, I wrote this:

- - -

I should point out that despite all the sweet pictures of my girls smiling and playing . . . it has been a loud, hard week around here. Lots of yelling, screaming, fighting, hair-pulling, pushing, shoving, crying, and tantruming. One minute Lydia and Heidi are giggling hysterically together. The next minute, they are screaming at one another, fists clenched and pulling hair. I'd be lying if I said it's been an easy week. I've lost my patience more times than I'd like to admit. Fortunately, in this journey of parenting, there is grace. I am confident that I will mess up my children because I am broken and messy, but God's grace is bigger than my messiness. And he loves my girls so much more than I ever could.

- - -

This absol…

cake truffles and hats

On Saturday, we popped over to East Passyunk Avenue for the Second Saturday festivities. Unfortunately, at 10ish we were too early for most of the festivities. We did secure the "buy two cake truffles, get one free" deal at Ms Goody Cupcake.

The girls even shared.

Heidi swiped Aaron's hat on the walk home.

She actually prefers to walk down the street like this.

She be crazy.


guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

We give each other haircuts with our kitchen tongs.

On Saturday morning, we gave Daddy a little trim, too.

Christmas tablecloth

Almost four months ago, we traced our hands on our Christmas tablecloth on Christmas morning. Just this weekend, I finally finished stitching the hands on the tablecloth. Right now our hands are in the same geographical region of the tablecloth each year, but I'm sure they'll scatter over the years. For now, here's what our tablecloth looks like by year.





There will be another hand on there in 2013! (Will it be a girl hand or boy hand?!)

sweet giggles

The girls love to watch videos we take of them. I love to hear them giggle, and it's hilarious to watch them giggle just as hard watching the video as they did in the original video.