We went to Trader Joe's this morning, as we do almost every Monday morning. Except this morning, I had to hold the trunk of the van open while I placed grocery bags into the trunk instead of it staying open by itself. Apparently, the hydraulics failed. (What is with our van and doors deciding not to work? I mean, it's better than fluids leaking and engines quitting and brakes failing, right?)

So instead of enjoying a morning at home with the ladies before a busy week of a midwife appointment, a hair cut, a pretzel party, and some other stuff I can't remember, we trekked across the bridge to New Jersey back to the dealership. Fortunately, they dropped us off at Wegmans while they fixed the hydraulics, and the girls and I spent the morning wandering the grocery store (instead of sitting in a waiting room at a car dealership).

We discovered the train (that we somehow missed on our previous visit).

The lobsters were very active today.

Lunch time!

About some-odd thousand pennies later (it wasn't covered under the warranty - of course), we drove back home, arriving home one hour into our normal nap time. Both girls were amazingly still awake, but I discovered a new setback for my day as I pulled out my phone to google "cleaning urine from a carseat."

Sometimes days just don't go as a I plan, but I want that to be okay. Today it was. The Lord gave me plenty of grace and flexibility to adapt. I'm not always so receptive . . .  The girls took naps anyway, sleeping till our normal dinner time. So we did bedtime backwards, reading our story before dinner (while newly painted tiny fingernails and toenails dried), and then even being able to eat dinner with Aaron, too.

In about one month, there will be no plans as we adjust to living with a newborn once more. Perhaps this morning was just practicing for that . . .


  1. So glad you enjoyed your day in spite of the disruptions. Sometimes they are the best days.


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