mysteries in life surrounding black beans

I used to always get my beans at Target. One can of black beans (used to) cost $0.63 or something amazing. Recently, and suddenly, they now cost $1.13. (Seriously, Market Pantry?!) So after that crazy price increase, I now happily buy them at Trader Joe's for $0.89. EXCEPT that sometimes the cans stack, and sometimes they don't. Last week, they stacked. This week, they don't. (Yes, we eat a lot of black beans around here.) And by this "stacking" I mean the design of the can. The bottom is beveled or something so the cans fit into one another, one on top of the other. But what is the deal with that weirdness of the cans sometimes stacking and sometimes not? Do the bean suppliers use different cans? Who has room to store non-stackable cans? Who has time to check cans during grocery shopping to assess stackability? Not to mention, these unstackable cans are a hazard to my health and safety since I still try to stack them, and then they fall on me.

Anyway, that's enough mystery for now. Back to making dinner. (It's this if you're interested.) I hope it's as yummy as it looks!

 Picture from my favorite food blog, Simply Scratch.