full term and elephants?

According to the obstetrical medical professionals and midwives who busy themselves with dates and weeks and those types of things when it comes to pregnancy, I'm full term today. That's 37 weeks. It means I'm still almost a month shy of my due date, but I think due dates are for the birds. My babies don't care about due dates. Lydia - my first - was "early," and Heidi - my second - was "late." So who knows when this baby will make his/her appearance. Sometime in April. Those same obstetrical folks will evict the baby before April's end if he/she doesn't pop out before then.

It is always mind-boggling for me that by the end of April, this little baby will not just be known by a little foot that he/she drags up and down the right side of my abdomen. This baby will have a name. We will use pronouns for the baby. The mystery of boy or girl will be gone in an instant, and within minutes we'll fail to truly remember what it was like to not know he or she for this baby. I love it!

I'm hoping and praying for a very boring and uneventful and healthy delivery. No surgeries (Lydia). No intensive care units (Heidi). Nada. Third time's a charm? =P

Until then, I'm nesting in the morning and then simply trying to stay awake the rest of the day after exhausting my pathetically low resources each morning.

Speaking of nesting, I've been tweaking the treats for Heidi's second birthday party. The "egg" (cake ball dipped in yellow frosting because I loathe white chocolate - blech!) is too big after all of my dipping layers. This one is a "too big" egg, but I think I finally have it figured out for the party.

So thankful that I'm not an elephant with a two year pregnancy. Though, they do give birth to standing and walking newborns. But I'm also thankful I don't do that. I love newborn snuggles. =)

(How did I go from full term pregnancy to elephants? I think I should just go watch some basketball. =)


  1. Yeah for a healthy and uneventful delivery some time soon!!! Good Luck!


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