(free) Home Depot kids workshops

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Home Depot has kids workshops the first Saturday of every month. The website says ages 5-12, but on one of our trips there, the Home Depot people told us to come. They said we'd love it. They were right. Last Saturday was our second time going. The first time there, they gave us these aprons and wrote our names on them. So this time, we brought them with us. This month's project was a race car!

They have tables set up, but we sit on the floor because we aren't tall enough to really reach the tables.

Daddy and Mama help start the nails. Then we hammer. Then they finish the hammering.

When we're done hammering, it's time to paint!

We love to paint. (We take off our shoes, so we don't get paint on our shoes.)

We also wear our paint clothes, so when we get paint on them and it doesn't wash out, it's okay.

When we're done our project, we get a certificate and a pin. We put the pin on our apron. So far we have two. It's really fun!