an early Easter

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with Pop-Pop and Nana (and Uncle Jon and Laurie and Audrey). We even wore our Easter dresses early for the occasion, and we started the day with races in the basement.

We played with toys in the living room.

Including Nana's old dollhouse.

Then we put on our boots that Pop-Pop and Nana keep at their house for us and had an Easter egg hunt!

We visited the girls and asked for some double egg yolkers.

We collected real eggs from the chickens; these ones do not have jelly beans inside.

We blew the bubbles from our Easter baskets.

We made a trail for the bunny with our Easter grass.

We played a peg game with Nana.

I reached for the sky!

After a nap, I read some books.

Rode a horse to Boston.

And Lydia looked for Waldo with Pop-Pop.

It was a fun day!