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full term and elephants?

According to the obstetrical medical professionals and midwives who busy themselves with dates and weeks and those types of things when it comes to pregnancy, I'm full term today. That's 37 weeks. It means I'm still almost a month shy of my due date, but I think due dates are for the birds. My babies don't care about due dates. Lydia - my first - was "early," and Heidi - my second - was "late." So who knows when this baby will make his/her appearance. Sometime in April. Those same obstetrical folks will evict the baby before April's end if he/she doesn't pop out before then.

It is always mind-boggling for me that by the end of April, this little baby will not just be known by a little foot that he/she drags up and down the right side of my abdomen. This baby will have a name. We will use pronouns for the baby. The mystery of boy or girl will be gone in an instant, and within minutes we'll fail to truly remember what it was like to not kn…

mysteries in life surrounding black beans

I used to always get my beans at Target. One can of black beans (used to) cost $0.63 or something amazing. Recently, and suddenly, they now cost $1.13. (Seriously, Market Pantry?!) So after that crazy price increase, I now happily buy them at Trader Joe's for $0.89. EXCEPT that sometimes the cans stack, and sometimes they don't. Last week, they stacked. This week, they don't. (Yes, we eat a lot of black beans around here.) And by this "stacking" I mean the design of the can. The bottom is beveled or something so the cans fit into one another, one on top of the other. But what is the deal with that weirdness of the cans sometimes stacking and sometimes not? Do the bean suppliers use different cans? Who has room to store non-stackable cans? Who has time to check cans during grocery shopping to assess stackability? Not to mention, these unstackable cans are a hazard to my health and safety since I still try to stack them, and then they fall on me.

Anyway, that's…

Sunday night pizza

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi
- - -
On Sundays, we make pizza for dinner (using this delicious pizza dough recipe which we make ahead of time). So after our dough rises and is all ready, we make our pies.

Then we put on some sauce.

We pile on the cheese.

And sprinkle some oregano on top.

We put the pizza in the oven, and we take a picture.

And hug.

We play ring-a-round-the-rosie.

Then our pizza is ready, and it's time to eat!

(Mama come sit down, so we can eat already! We are hungry! =) We love pizza night!

an early Easter

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with Pop-Pop and Nana (and Uncle Jon and Laurie and Audrey). We even wore our Easter dresses early for the occasion, and we started the day with races in the basement.

We played with toys in the living room.

Including Nana's old dollhouse.

Then we put on our boots that Pop-Pop and Nana keep at their house for us and had an Easter egg hunt!

We visited the girls and asked for some double egg yolkers.

We collected real eggs from the chickens; these ones do not have jelly beans inside.

We blew the bubbles from our Easter baskets.

We made a trail for the bunny with our Easter grass.

We played a peg game with Nana.

I reached for the sky!

After a nap, I read some books.

Rode a horse to Boston.

And Lydia looked for Waldo with Pop-Pop.

It was a fun day!

baby love

Leah had to drop something off the other day, and Miles was waiting in his stroller. The girls climbed on the couch to be able to see him.

Yes, Heidi still loves Miles. A lot.

To quote Lydia, "Leah, Heidi really loves your baby."

pretzel party

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

On Tuesday morning, we had a pretzel-making party with our friends. Joss remembered her apron.

We forgot ours.

I love flour.

Colin likes flour, too.

The pretzel party was very fun (and delicious)! Thanks, Monica, for hosting such a fun (and messy) morning!

playing at Nest

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

When I got my haircut on Tuesday, we went to a place called Nest. It opened sometime after Heidi was born, and we went to the open house at that time (which was very fun). But we don't have a membership there. However, when we went for the haircut, they let us play while we were there!

Before the haircut, we filled up the shopping carts.

After the haircut, we enjoyed the slide!

first haircut

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

On Tuesday, I got my haircut. It was my first haircut. Here is my hair right before we left for the salon.

Here I am at the salon!

Heidi watched me from the chair.

The lady blow dried my hair, too.


Heidi wanted you to see her hair, too.

I spy . . .

Heidi loves to play "I Spy." She is also just very silly.

(If only she obeyed us as well as she does Lydia . . . )


We went to Trader Joe's this morning, as we do almost every Monday morning. Except this morning, I had to hold the trunk of the van open while I placed grocery bags into the trunk instead of it staying open by itself. Apparently, the hydraulics failed. (What is with our van and doors deciding not to work? I mean, it's better than fluids leaking and engines quitting and brakes failing, right?)

So instead of enjoying a morning at home with the ladies before a busy week of a midwife appointment, a hair cut, a pretzel party, and some other stuff I can't remember, we trekked across the bridge to New Jersey back to the dealership. Fortunately, they dropped us off at Wegmans while they fixed the hydraulics, and the girls and I spent the morning wandering the grocery store (instead of sitting in a waiting room at a car dealership).

We discovered the train (that we somehow missed on our previous visit).

The lobsters were very active today.

Lunch time!

About some-odd thousand pen…