toddler fun at Wegmans

This morning, we had to take the van back to where we got it in New Jersey because the sliding door wouldn't open. Fortunately, they have a shuttle service that agreed to drop the girls and me off at the huge shopping center across the street. When I asked the driver to drop us off at Wegmens, he looked at me like I was a little bit crazy, wondering what I was going to do with two toddlers at Wegmans for a few hours. Clearly, he was unaware.

First, we found this beauty.

Heidi may have done at least 57 Chinese fire drills during our trip. We wandered up and down some random isles over to the book section. Yes, the book section. We read some favorites from the Dr. Suess rack, including "Are You My Mother?" (of course). We also found "Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?" and "Llama Llama Red Pajama." Score.

We hugged many bears in the stuffed animal display. We picked out all our favorite stickers by the card section. We opened all the cards with Elmo or animals on them. We checked out the Valentine clearance stuff. We admired the cool kids plates and cups. Then we wandered back to the market section where the deli lady gave the girls slices of cheese. And then Lydia saw it, one of her favorites: the lobster tank.

We watched the lobsters for a good twenty minutes. (They were very active.) We went back to our wandering, took a potty break, washed our hands at the sink with the fold out step for little people. Then we grabbed some bananas and chocolate milk and went upstairs to enjoy them while watching the shoppers below. At this time, our van was fixed and ready (phew), and we played I Spy on the bench outside while we waited for the shuttle to pick us up again.

Grocery stores are so much more fun when you're not racing to get things on a list before your two toddlers lose interest, especially at Wegmans where the store is beautiful and fun (and huge!). I now completely understand why some people in Philly drive the fifteen minutes there to do their grocery shopping. Their prices are great, and their food selection is ridiculously extensive. I think it's probably even worth that five dollar bridge toll.

IKEA has been our free rainy day activity of choice, but I'm adding Wegmans to the list. It's good to have variety. =)

Also, our van's sliding door is now fixed. Hooray!


  1. Love that you said she did 57 Chinese fire drills because I think that is what those shopping cars are made for. Definitely not made for little girls to sit still in while shopping!


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