night owl read and look

The Philadelphia Museum of Art just launched "Pay What You Wish" on Wednesday nights including an event one Wednesday a month for the little people, Night Owl Read and Look from 5:15-6pm. We ate a very early dinner, put on our pajamas (it said pajamas welcome!), and drove over to the Art Museum. I know there is a parking lot on the other side of the museum, but I don't know how to get to it. I didn't want to drive around in circles among rush hour traffic leaving Philadelphia, so I parked in the lot in front of the museum. You know, so we could walk up all the art museum steps - pregnant me and two toddlers. (Phew. =) Once we made it to the top, we enjoyed the lovely view.

Anyway, the event was fabulous! The leader, Liz, welcomed my girls (who were somehow the only ones in their pajamas), engaging them in conversation, loving that they wore pajamas, asking their names, and writing them name tags. There were only about fifteen to twenty kids there (plus their grown ups). To start, we paraded to the freight elevator to a gallery and sat on the floor in front of this painting: Henri Roussau's The Merry Jesters.

Liz lead us on a perfect little tour of the painting, engaging the little people amazingly well - pretending to put on binoculars to find the animals in the painting, briefly telling about the artist, etc. Then she read "Little Owl's Night" - which my girls loved. (It's full of animals.) After the story we went on a hunt for an owl sculpture and then ended our time doing an art project. The girls made night scenes with tree leaves, dragonflies, a full silver moon, and a sparkly owl.

And Heidi loves glue sticks. (She may confuse them with chapstick.)

The completed art.

We didn't even have to clean up our art project mess! We just said thank you and left and headed for home. We enjoyed the view - complete with the city lights this time - before venturing down all those steps once more.

The girls are already talking about going again next month. Maybe more kids will be in their pajamas next time? =)