kitchen curtains

I found these at my favorite store (that I wish was anywhere near me but it isn't). (World Market, please come to Philadelphia, or maybe even just Pennsylvania (or New Jersery or Delaware)!)

But those panels are 40" x 84", and my kitchen window looks like this.

That's 95" x 38". So I thought, well, maybe I could buy two panels and after some hemming, I could just hang them sideways. Curtains with grommets are my favorite when being used on windows where the curtains will be opened and closed twice a day every day (i.e. open in the morning, close at night). They slide so easily along the curtain rod. So I bought two packs of these. (They look metal, but they are plastic. You'd be none the wiser if I hadn't just told you.)

On a snowy Friday night, I grabbed my new curtains and set to work.

I cringed (and sweated) when I cut them, but I think it worked.

They slide so easily with the grommets, and they don't block my view during the day when they're open.


They do, however, block the neighbor's view at night when they're closed which is exactly why we wanted them there. (And, yes, I have to hem the one on the right a touch more.)

I did make a fatal flaw with them , but I may be the only one who notices. It does make me cringe that my anal self didn't realize this until I hung them up at the very end of the project - not once during the other twenty-five times I hung them while measuring and assembling the curtains.

Let me know when you realize it. It's worse in my head, but I really can't believe I missed it. Maybe I'll chalk that one up to my pregnancy brain.


  1. They are facing opposite directions?

  2. They are so pretty. Nice job regardless the error.

  3. You’ll only notice the uneven ends of your curtain when you look closely at the picture, but I think you did a great job sewing it! You’re right about the grommets. I thought they were made of metals. Do you have more curtain projects like this? =D

    Roxie Tenner

  4. These curtains panels are beautiful and a very rich color. It is a good value for the money.


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